Cristiano Ronaldo Footy

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Basic Information

  • Yeekoo Games
  • Sports Racing
  • 2.0.9
  • 2018-05-09
  • 56.71MB

About The Game

Cristiano Ronaldo Footy is a soccer game where players can enjoy entire matches in three dimensions from their Android device's screen. The game mechanics are, however, more arcade-like than on a normal simulator. For instance, the teams on Cristiano Ronaldo Footy only have four players. You can pass the ball between them, fight for the ball, and, of course, shoot at the goal. However, you will not find rules such as offside. With this more direct style of play, the matches are relatively short and very dynamic. For this reason, it won't be uncommon to end a game with six or seven goals scored. In Cristiano Ronaldo Footy, almost everything depends on the quality of your players, and on the challenging team. In total, there are 48 different opposing teams in various leagues, and in order to conquer the best of them, you'll need to perfect your technique.

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