Hero and Castle

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Basic Information

  • Casual Puzzle
  • 1.0
  • 2018-01-15
  • 19.37MB

About The Game

Developed by the sunlight game, a two people indie game studios based in china, hero and castle is an action risk game combining castle explore and platform jumping. Players need to go through the barriers and light up all the rooms to find out the secret hidden in this dark castle. 1. Simple operation: There are only 3 buttons. You will soon master the operation. Pressing the jump button logger can help your hero jump higher 2. Original background music forms unique game atmosphere: Original background music and the game art will bring players to the unique castle. 3. Over 80 connected rooms - free for risk: The rooms are all connected which supports player’s free play. Click the map button can show hero’s location. Transfer skill can help hero to the bright room. 4. Different barriers to overcome We designed different barriers in the rooms. Overcoming these requires patient observation and seizing the accurate timing.

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