Bridge Builder

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Basic Information

  • Friendivity Games
  • Strategy
  • 1.2.10
  • 2017-12-17 11:39:58
  • 63.62MB
  • English (United States)

About The Game

In the puzzle game to test their own engineering design and improvisation talent. You have to build bridges for cars, trucks, buses ... and sometimes monster trucks. Use your own mind to start building!
At the planning stage, the game presents a simple 2D interface. You have to choose the best bridge material here and construct the most flexible structure. Each hurdle is a complex puzzle, with the most effective and the best way to solve. Do not dare to try. You can open the hole, to construct outrageous but effective bridge. No matter which method will be fun.
When finished, switch to 3D mode and see the vehicle passing through the bridge. Can the bridge be supported? Or will there be a super crash?
In addition to the normal mode, the game has a simple model, allowing you to easily play and focus on creativity and improvisation. When you encounter a problem, you can also use the prompt system in the game. There are 30 levels and the hidden and rewarding bridge, sure that you can not let go.

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