Cute Runner

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Basic Information

  • CMGE
  • Casual
  • 1.1.9
  • 2017-12-17 11:38:05
  • 20.50MB
  • English (United States)

About The Game

Exclusively launched by CMGE, Cute Runner is a casual game that challenges your parkour skills.

3 seconds to learn, and everyone can play.

Challenge your skills and survive the stages in the world of bricks!

1. Tap to roll left or right, and let your fingers go to let it roll forward. It can't roll backwards though, so be careful.
2. Dodge bees, carnivorous flora and other obstacles, find treasure chests, collect coins and challenge the leaderboards.
3. Unique designs, variety of skills, save your lost companions and survive the challenge together!

3 seconds to learn: Roll left or right. Everyone can pick it up instantly!
Unique designs: Fun brick designs that come in any shape and form!
Nostalgic theme: Go back to the classic days of pixel art!
Skills galore: Use special skills to overcome various obstacles!
Endless mode: Challenge till you drop!
Animal rescue: Save the animals that are being threatened!
Random maps: Routes will never be the same!

- A super cute game. I've been bugging my friends to play ever since I downloaded it. We play it every day after school!
- I love the art! The gameplay is interesting too, rolling left and right, I just can't stop!
- I love the pixel designs! It's really cute!

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