Giants Must Die

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  • unknown
  • Strategy
  • 2017-12-17 11:44:22
  • 114.64MB
  • English (United States)

About The Game

Giants Must Die is a 3D strategy online game set in a magic world. In a mysterious land, there lived many different creatures such as Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Goblins, Giants and Dragons.

1, Plot: The game is set in a magic world and themed with a special creature: the Giants. Players will experience a huge world view, and explore the origin of Giants, the mystery of Dragons.

2, Game Graphics: It's a game developed in 3D engine. Players can experience a tridimensional kingdom built by themselves and epic battles in a 360 degree view. Battles with tall and thick walls to defeat attacks from Giants, varieties of buildings, huge Giants, flying Goblins, Griffins, dragons, arrows and fires will give you a shocking experience.

3, Gameplay: In the game, you need to develop your kingdom. Produce resources to construct and upgrade buildings with different functions. Deploy defense buildings to protect your humans from the attacks from Giants and raid from other players. You can recruit and train your troops to catch giants and raid resources from other players. What’s more, you can also activate Titans to fight for you.

You need register an account to login the game. And if you have any questions in playing the game, please mail to yp@yfungame.com.

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